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The Foreman Cleaning Times

House Cleaning Rates

Initial, Thorough Cleans:
starting at $100 (normal range is $115-$235)

Weekly Cleans:
starting at 75 (normal range 80-125)

Bi-Weekly Cleans:
starting at $80 (normal range is $85-$125)

Monthly Cleans:
starting at $90 (normal range is $95-$140)

One Time Cleans:
starting at $95 (normal range is $100-$235)

Move-in/Move-out Cleanings

Starting at $110 (normal range $115-$300)

starting at $90.00 (normal range $90-$150)

Rental Property Turnover Cleanings

starting at $120 (normal range is $120-$240)

starting at $85 (normal range is $85-$140)

Office, Ranch or Bar Cleaning

Please call to schedule an estimate and we will promptly contact you with a customized proposal that is based on your company's needs.


We offer 1,2,3,4, or 5 day a week light office cleaning.

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